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Contoh Pidato Bahasa Inggris_Mencari Ilmu


الحمدلله الذى ارسل رسوله بالهدى ودين الحق, بشيرا ونذيرا ورحمة لسائر العالم, اشهد ان لأ اله الا الله وحده لاشريك له الملك العلام, واشهد ان سيدنا محمدا عبده ورسوله سيد الأنام,   اللهم صل وسلم على سيدنا محمد وعلى آله واصحابه صلاة وسلاما دآئمين متلازمين على ممر الدهور والأيام. اما بعد

to the mother, father who I respect brothers and sisters whom I respect and friends that I am proud of all
Ladies and presence That God Blessed Insha Allah!

First and Foremost let us pray toward worship and praise and thank the presence of Allah SWT. Who has delegated His blessings to us all, so That We Can meet face to face in a place That Is Simple Enough. Two pleasure That Is Often overlooked by Humans, it is: Nimat Health and chance, ... ... ... ... ..
Blessings and greetings We sanjungkan to Prophet Muhammad SAW. That has Freed us from the time of ignorance Towards the full-time to science, from the dark ages to the era of light, from day to day Khodijah Siti Siti Nur Kholijah, from era to era, Mother Mother Fatima We Kartini, thanks to his services in the spread of Islam over the world. Thanks to his services, We Also cans differentiate Between Good and Bad Things.
Ladies and presence That God Blessed Insha Allah!
Furthermore, do not forget I have to say many thanks to the moderator and the team of Judges WHO have given me the opportunity to say A Few words. Well on this Occasion I earnest talk with the title: "DEMANDS SCIENCE"

Ladies and presence That God Blessed Insha Allah!
Know my brothers and sisters, that the search for knowledge That the law is obligatory for the Muslims and the Moslem. As spoken by the Prophet Muhammad in the haditsnya:

"Seeking knowledge is obligatory for Muslim men and women."

Why did the Prophet Muhammad. Requiring people to study engineering? Because science is essential for human life in this world. With science, We can beat all the creatures of God in this world. We cans master the mountain, star, moon, sky, plants and wild animals though. We Also cans with science leads the world, leading all living Beings. And with our cans of science changed from a "creature of the best Among the creatures of God. But if not knowledgeable, We would be Foolish, do not know anything in this world and in the end We changed from a "creature of the ugliest and most low.
Seakidah gentlemen!
As I mentioned Earlier, that science is Very Important in this life, Because We Will science with the find happiness both in this world and the Hereafter. Therefore, any person WHO wants happiness in the world, it must master the science world, as well as those WHO Want happy in the Hereafter, must guard with the science. As Muhmmad Prophet SAW said:

It means: "Whoever wants the world then let uterus knowledgeable, and anyone WHO wants the Hereafter then he knowledgeable and anyone WHO wants Them, let uterus knowledgeable." (Al Hadith).
From the description of this hadith We can conclude, the importance of science to human life. That's why people will from some high-rank in the sight of God, and God's will from mengagkat degree of the knowledgeable people to Some degree (degrees). As the Word of God inletterAl Mujadalah verse: 11:

"... Surely Allah Exalt will from those WHO believe and bookish knowledge to Some degree." (Surat al Mujadalah: 11)

Because science is what distinguishes Also Humans with animals. Once the importance of science to human life, God hinted in the Qur'an That the first revelation, the first word is the word IQRA Used ', the which means read. Reading is a way to get the science, without going to read one's very Difficult to get the science.
As Humans, We have a sense atu intelligence. In this sense We can seek knowledge, the which will from the make us different from animals. Makhlukflora and fauna are not Able to seek knowledge, Because They do not mind. That is why Humans are more superior to other creatures Than. For example, Humans cans conquer all Beings in this world like the great mountains, giant trees, wild animals and others.
Can We imagine, if We do not have science, then We Will be equal in rank with another creature, or maybe even more despicable. Their studies' there is no limit, although it has graduated MI, MTs, MA or to graduate. We must demand knowledge from cradle to grave "keliang. As word of the Prophet:
"Seek knowledge from the cradle to grave" keliang. " And word of his:
It means: "Seek knowledge even into China."
Islam commands us to seek knowledge, was conceived During the life of the body. There is no reason not to seek knowledge, Because the human sciences will from be happy both in this world and the Hereafter, only the people WHO do not waraslah WHO do not Want To study.
Ladies and presence That God Blessed Insha Allah!
Cans so what I say, if there are words That are wrong and I apologize to Allah SWT. I beg Forgiveness. Taufiq Wabillahit walhidayah.
Wassalamu'alaikum Wr. Wb.
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